Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ribbed Fingerless Mitts - Toddler/Child sized

While I've got this fairly fresh in my mind...

Ribbed Fingerless Mitts - Toddler/Child sized

The first picture is with the 2 yr old, the second is with the 8 yr old.

Red Heart Super Saver or other worsted weight yarn
size 6 dpns

Size: These were made to fit my 2 yr old, but they also fit the 8yr old so they have a good amount of stretch to them.

CO 28 stitches, distribute evenly across 3 needles, PM and join being careful not to twist the stitches. (That sounds almost cliche doesn't it?)

Knit 20 rows of K2, P2 ribbing.

Row 21 - M1, knit 4 (in pattern), M1, and continue with ribbing across. What I did here was keep the stitches I made in pattern so that the ribbing in the thumb gusset actually twists around. If you want to do something different feel free!

Row 22 - K2, P2 in pattern across

Row 23 - M1, knit 6 (in pattern), M1, and continue with ribbing across.

Row 24 - K2, P2 in pattern across

Row 25 - M1, knit 8 (in pattern), M1, and continue with ribbing across.

Row 26 - K2, P2 in pattern across

Row 27 - M1, knit 10 (in pattern), M1, and continue with ribbing across.

Row 28 - K2, P2 in pattern across

Row 29 - Place first 12 stitches on stitch holder/waste yarn/whatever you want to that will make sure they are still there when we get back to doing something with them later. ;) Then K2, P2 across to the end of the row

Row 30 - M4 anywhich way you want to (in pattern), then proceed to K2, P2 across

Knit another 8-9 rows in K2, P2 then bind off.


Place the 12 stitches back onto your needles, dividing up the stitches across 2 needles. Then slide the last 2 stitches before the gap onto a separate needle. Begin with these stitches (in pattern), pick up 4 stitches across the gap (in pattern). Continue in pattern (K2, P2 or whichever pattern you're using for your thumb) for the next 4 or 5 rows, then bind off.

Repeat for second mitt.

**Note** All my bind offs were done in pattern. I'm not sure if that will affect how stretchy your bind off is or not. I'll need to test this on the next pair I make.

**Additional Note** Please let me know if you have any difficulty with these instructions as I'm fairly new to writing patterns that other ppl might want to follow.


drj said...

Thanks for this pattern! I made my daughter a pair, and they've been a big hit!!

donna said...

The pics of your 2-yr. old and 8-yr. old with the mitts on was a GREAT help!


Heather said...

I'm having so much trouble with the increases in this pattern. I'm wondering whether you could explain them a bit more please. For example, in row 21 I'm only making 2 stitches. This would mean the k2 p2 rib doesn't match at the end of that row. You've then said to k2 p2 the next row, so the ribbing definitely won't match given the pattern only increased for 2 stitches the previous row.
Help please!!!

Alura said...

Heather, the increase is intended to create a slight spiral effect with the increases, so the ribbing will be "off" for a bit but will return to normal as you get passed that.